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Edit text files inside Google Drive™

Fully Integrated with Google Drive™

Text Editor for Google Drive™ delivers a fully integrated Google Drive experience, guaranteeing that all your text documents are automatically saved and continuously backed up to your Google Drive account in real time.

Installs in Seconds

Text Editor for Google Drive™ can be installed in seconds from the Google Workspace Marketplace. Just click on "Install," open your Google Drive and your Text editor app will be ready for use.

Simple Text File Management in Google Drive™

Manage and edit your plain text files with ease directly in Google Drive™. This straightforward app makes accessing and updating your text documents simple and efficient, from any device. Keep your workflow smooth and hassle-free with all your files in one secure location.

Effortless Note-Taking and Content Drafting

Ideal for jotting down quick notes, creating to-do lists, or drafting content, this app offers a straightforward solution without the need for complex formatting. Its simplicity ensures that you can capture ideas and organize tasks efficiently, making it perfect for both personal and professional use. Streamline your thought process and content creation with this user-friendly platform.

Collaborative Text Editing

Utilizing Google's powerful real-time collaboration technology, Text Editor for Google Drive™ allows multiple users to edit text documents simultaneously. This capability speeds up the editing process and enhances teamwork by making changes immediately visible to all participants.

Version History and Restore

Google Drive’s file history automatically logs every edit and update, offering version control that lets you easily track modifications, revert to earlier versions, and manage document iterations. This dependable versioning system supports safe experimentation and innovation, giving you the confidence to refine and improve your projects with assurance.

Batch Editing with Search and Replace Function

Text Editor for Google Drive™ streamlines document updates with its efficient search and replace function. This built-in feature allows you to quickly find and modify specific text or code snippets in bulk, saving time and maintaining consistency across your files. Ideal for updating links, correcting typos, or adjusting styles, this tool boosts both the efficiency and precision of batch editing.

Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting boosts coding accuracy by color-coding different elements, making the code more readable and easier to navigate. This visual differentiation aids in quickly spotting errors and inconsistencies, thus reducing coding mistakes. Beneficial for both novice and seasoned developers, syntax highlighting helps produce cleaner, error-free code more efficiently.

Seamless Accessibility Across Devices

Enjoy the convenience of working from anywhere with seamless access to your documents across all devices. This feature ensures that whether you are at home, in the office, or on the go, you can effortlessly continue your work without interruption. Stay connected and productive no matter where you are.

Near Universal 5-Star Ratings

Users love Text Editor for Google Drive™ ! The app has almost universal 5-Star ratings from users who’ve installed it in the Google Workspace Marketplace

100% Free

This is being offered completely for free. If you would like customer service, please consider an upgraded Premium Plan.


Writers use Text Editor for Google Drive™ to create, edit, and refine their manuscripts, articles, and other literary content. The seamless Google Drive integration enables them to save drafts automatically and access their work from any location, ensuring they can capture inspiration whenever it strikes. The platform’s simplicity allows for distraction-free writing, and its sharing features make it easy to receive feedback from editors or collaborators, streamlining the revision process.

Software Developers

Software developers value Text Editor for Google Drive™ for its capability to handle plain text files, crucial for maintaining the integrity of code without the unwanted formatting of more complex word processors. This editor not only supports straightforward code editing but also includes syntax highlighting, which color-codes different elements of the code for better readability and error detection. Integrated seamlessly with Google Drive, it provides a reliable platform for storing, accessing, and sharing code files across devices, enhancing both solo and collaborative coding efforts


Professionals extensively utilize Text Editor for Google Drive™ for drafting to-do lists and recording detailed notes during meetings and conference calls. The simplicity and accessibility of the text editor, combined with Google Drive integration, make it perfect for quickly capturing and organizing crucial information on the fly. This ensures they can effectively manage tasks, follow up on action items, and disseminate meeting outcomes to relevant parties, helping maintain efficiency and communication across departments.


Educators use Text Editor for Google Drive™ to prepare lesson plans, create instructional materials, and compile research. Its integration with Google Drive offers a centralized location for all their documents, accessible from school, home, or on the go. The ability to share documents and collaborate in real-time is particularly beneficial for coordinating with other teachers and providing students with immediate access to learning resources, enhancing the educational process.


Students utilize Text Editor for Google Drive™ for taking lecture notes, writing research papers, and group project coordination. The simplicity of the platform allows them to focus on content rather than formatting, while the Google Drive integration supports their need for device flexibility and real-time collaboration with peers. This makes it an essential app for managing their academic tasks effectively, particularly when working on group assignments or studying in dynamic environments.